SAR vessels

SAR vessels save lives. When searching for and aiding people in distress or in immediate danger, quality is paramount. 

Jenny Wihuri

The Jenny Wihuri is owned by the Finnish Lifeboat Association. She was takin into service in 1999, has undergone received a few upgrades during her life and has now become somewhat of a superstar in her category of vessels. 

With a width of 6 meters and an overall length of 23,8 meters, she accommodates 6-10 people. Jenny Wihuri is also the training vessel of the Maritime Rescue Centre.

Type SAR vessel
Length 23,8 metres
Material Aluminium
Classification NBS + FMA

Svante G

Svante G is owned by the Åland Search and Rescue Society. As the main purpose is SAR operations, the vessel was designed with special consideration to seaworthiness, steerability and directional stability.

Type Fast SAR vessel
Speed + 40 knots
Length 16,8 metres
Material Aluminium
Classification NBS + TRAFI


The main function of the vessel is Search and Rescue duties in the Baltic Sea. Astra also has fire fighting and oil combat capabilities, and is designed to operate in all weather conditions.

Type SAR vessel
Length 22,8 metres
Material Aluminium
Classification LRS

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