Road ferries

Below we have listed a few of the road ferries we have produced. If you have any questions, or need information about your specific operating conditions – please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Embla is owned by Swedish Trafikverket and operates the line between Hemsö änd the city of Härnösand on the mainland.

Type Cable ferry
Length (Loa) 62,05 metres
Width 12,9 metres
Hull Steel
Superstructure Aluminium
Speed 4 knots
Passengers 123
Cars 27
Cargo capacity 115 tonnes


Saturnus is operated by Trafikverket on the line between Svanesund and Kolhättan on the west coast of Sweden.

Type Self-propelled
Length (Loa) 99,7 metres
Width 18,2 metres
Hull Steel
Superstructure Aluminium
Speed 11 knots
Passengers 297
Cars 80
Cargo capacity 600 tonnes
Vikare, Työvene

Vikare & Nestori

The new and improved Vikare and her sister ship Nestori are the largest ferries in Finland and owned by Finnish ELY-keskus (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment)…

It operates between Skagen on the island of Iniölandet and the southern part of the island of Jumo and is part of the archipelago’s ring road.

Type Self-propelled
Length (Loa) 47,4 metres
Width 12,9 metres
Hull Steel
Wheelhouse Aluminium
Speed 9 knots
Passengers 215
Cars 24
Cargo capacity 150 tonnes


Venus is operated by Trafikverket and is currently, in 2022, in traffic on the Ekerö line between Slagsta and Jungfrusund on Ekerö, Sweden.

The ferry line provides a shortcut between the south-western part of Stockholm and Ekerö and Västerort. saving car commuters around 30 km compared to driving on land.

Type Self-propelled
Length (Loa) 86,2 metres
Width 14 metres
Hull Steel
Wheelhouse Aluminium
Speed 12 knots
Passengers 397
Cars 60
Cargo capacity 300 tonnes

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