Multi-purpose vessels

Designed to carry out several different tasks, multi-purpose vessels are a cost effective way of maintaining readiness within several areas of operation.


Louhi is a multipurpose icebreaker and oil and chemical spill response vessel owned by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), but manned and operated by the Finnish Navy.

She is capable of recovering spilled oil and chemicals in both open water and ice conditions, extinguishing shipboard fires and emergency towing of the largest merchant ships operating in the Gulf of Finland

Type Multipurpose Oil Collecting Offshore Vessel
Length 71,4 metres
Material Steel
Classification GL 100 A5, E4, NAV-OC TUG, Marine Pollution vessel, Recovery Vessel, Chemical Recovery Vessel Machinery MC, E4, AUT, FF1
Ice class Finnish-Swedish 1A Super

Kindral Kurvits

The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board naval fleet consists of four large vessels, and Kindral Kurvits is one of them. It is an offshore oil collecting vessel, as well as a patrol vessel.

Her gross tonnage is 1053 and deadweight is 338 and the vessel was built and delivered in 2012.

Type Offshore Oil Collecting Patrol Vessel
Length 64 metres
Hull Steel
Superstructure Aluminium
Classification Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, 100A1 Fire fighting Ship 1 (2400 m3/h), Oil Recovery Duties, Winterisation BH (-35 deg C), LMC, UMS, DP (AM), ICC, IBS, PMR, NAV1.
Ice class Ice Class 1A FS (+) at a draught of 4.2m


Tursas is one of the patrol vessels operated by the Finnish Border Patrol, responsible for enforcing the security of Finland’s borders.

In addition to being an ace going. vessel, she is fitted with two sweeping arms for oil recovery operations, each with a sweeping length of 30 metres and a recovered oil storage capacity of over 100 cubic metres.

Type Offshore Patrol Vessel with Oil Collecting capabilities
Length 61,45 metres
Hull Steel
Superstructure Aluminium
Classification According to DNV 1 A 1, EO, Oil Rec, TUG not classified
Ice class Finnish-Swedish 1A Super


Heavy arctic harbour icebreaker and escort tug Ahto provides harbour icebreaking and towing services in the Bay of Bothnia and the whole Baltic Sea and is operated Arctia Karhu Ltd.

The vessel has been dimensioned to cope with the difficult, icy conditions in the Bay of Bothnia, where it functions as a harbour icebreaker for the Ports of Kemi and Tornio.

Type Heavy Harbour Ice Breaker and Escort Tug
Length 40 metres
Hull Steel
Superstructure Aluminium
Classification Bureau Veritas I + HULL + MACH Tug
Escort Tug Unrestricted Navigation
ICE 1 A Super, + AUT-UMS
Ice class Ice Class 1A FS (+) at a draught of 4.2m

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