Road ferries

We know road ferries. Follow the button link to see some of the road ferries we have produced.

Passenger vessels

Operating in sometimes harsh conditions, passenger ferries are often the fastest, most sustainable way of ensuring connectivity and availability for commuters.

Multi-purpose vessels

Designed to carry out several different tasks, multi-purpose vessels are a cost effective way of maintaining readiness within several areas of operation.

Patrol boats

State of the art patrol boats, built from experience and with capabilities for the future.

Pilot boats

The conditions of the Finnish archipelago are among the most challenging to navigate in the world. Safe boats and experienced pilots provide shipmasters with invaluable assistance to guarantee safe navigation

Oil combat vessels

Capable oil combat vessels are part of any sound response strategy – and vital for protecting sensitive coast areas.

SAR vessels

SAR vessels save lives. When searching for and aiding people in distress or in immediate danger, quality is paramount. 


Lightweight aluminum catamarans as research platforms have been around for a long time. Stability and the ability to operate in shallow waters are some of the obvious advantages.

Hand-built premium quality vessels for professional use

Uudenkaupungin Työvene Oy was founded on 11 March 1987. The company started producing smaller aluminium workboats at an inland location in the Orivo industrial area, in Uusikaupunki, Finland.

We build our ships in steel or aluminium, or in a combination of both. To build also smaller ships like this is one of our core strengths. Combining steel or aluminium is typically used for lowering the centre of gravity of a vessel, often necessary in a professional vessel, but lighter ships is also key for the ongoing green conversion of the marine industry.

Always moving forward

Today, Työvene is a company in transformation. We move from being a traditional shipbuilder to a more agile and future proofed company, ready to lead the way for the marine industry of tomorrow. We bring all the learnings from the past and combine them with the innovations of tomorrow.

We know ice. The next generation of ice class multi-purpose vessels is an exciting opportunity for us as well. We know the European countries no longer want to buy traditional ice breakers, which creates a huge possible market for us, especially in the Baltic region.

The future

Autonomous ships will change our industry in a fundamental way. This step is important and calls for extraordinary co-workers, precision management and professional business partners.

Green renewal is also growing and an exciting new business opportunity, especially if combined with our expert area, state of the art vessel efficiency. There are numerous older vessels out there in need of conversion to greener propulsion the coming years.

Closely connected to this are trends surrounding climate neutral shipping and underwater noise reduction. The journey towards fossil free steel and climate neutral aluminium has also begun and of course something we are eager to explore and include in our offer.

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