Pilot boats

The conditions of the Finnish archipelago are among the most challenging to navigate in the world. Safe boats and experienced pilots provide shipmasters with invaluable assistance to guarantee safe navigation.

John Rae

The pilot boat John Rea operates out of Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands, Scotland.

The vessel play a vital role at the heart of harbour operations, enabling marine pilots to embark and disembark from vessels heading to and from berths and anchorages within the Orkney Harbours area.

Name Jon Rae
Type Pilot boat
Length 21 metres
Material Aluminium
Classification According to LR SSC Rules, MCA Pilot Vessel Certificate, Hull Certificate: Bureau Veritas

The L-224

The L-224 is a high-speed open water pilot boat with a load capacity of 6–10 persons.

Model name L-224
Type High-speed pilot boat
Length 14 metres
Hull Steel
Superstructure Aluminium
Classification NBS

The L-144

Työvene has manufactured 19 pilot cutters  of the model L-144. It is a robust pilot cutter, capable of operating under icy conditions and has an ice breaking capacity  of approximately 40 cm of solid ice.

Model name L-144
Type Icegoing Pilot Cutter
Length 16 metres
Hull Steel
Superstructure Aluminium
Classification NBS

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